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Frequently Asked Steel Coating Questions Phoenix
Arizona Coating Applicators, Inc. Arizona 602-263-9065

Please feel free to take a look at some of our frequently asked questions. If you don't see your quesitons answered here, don't hesitate to call us at 602-263-9065.

Q. Why does my tank need coating?
A. The function of a tank is to protect  and store its contents, but years of service and chemical corrosion can damage the inside of a good tank. Tank linings perform a dual function. They prevent product contamination and protect the tank itself from corrosion.

Q. What is corrosion and how does it occur?
A. Corrosion is the damage caused to a material when it reacts with its environment.  In a humid atmosphere, metals are usually corroded by the combined action of water and oxygen. This process may be greatly accelerated by chemical agents such as salts or exhaust fumes. As a result, a metal component may corrode within a relatively short time to the point where it can no longer perform its intended function.

Q. What kinds of items do you paint?
A. We paint bridge retrofit components, pipes, columns, sheet piles, and bridge sections.

Q. Do you do sandblasting and waterblasting?
A. Yes, we abrasive blast using recyclable shot blast, grit blast, and low to ultrahigh pressure water blasting and jetting.

Q. Do you line tanks?
A. Yes. We perform lining in all type of tanks; including potable water, chemical and petrochemical tanks.

Q. Do you do residential projects?
A. We only do industrial; no residential, commercial or automotive work.

Q. Do you sell products?
A. No, we do not sell products.

Q. How long does the typical service life of a NSF epoxy approved coating?

A. Coating manufacturing 12-15 years on average. ANSI/ AWWA D 102-13 recommends inspections & clean-outs every 3 years for potable water (interior).

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